Friday, 18 January 2013

My Ho-Hum Return

A Recent Picture of Me at my New Job. 

Ladies and Gentleman you may have noticed a decided decrease in my blog postings of recent. You may recall, in the beginning of this journey down punditry corridors, when I managed a post every day. There is a simple reason for this sudden decrease; after my graduation, which I am told occurred sometime in November, my life fell to shambles. I was not able to hold a job (with no small fault being my own and this blog) and was not even able to attend my own commencement as I could not afford the ticket. I am sure I missed nothing but an accepted right of passage which I have no doubt holds little importance after you traverse the hardwood stage to receive a piece of paper that gets you nothing but a Part-time job and years of mortgage sized debt. 

Self immolation of last month's woes put aside, I now proclaim my return to blogging. I am not sure what I will write now as life continues to be tough though there is some light at the end the tunnel. Perhaps, I’ll continue with my talk about actors. Frankly I got bored of that. Perhaps more political calls to arms, like the post about Jack Layton. Perhaps, more artistic discussions, which are often ill informed and preachy. Perhaps, more banal proclamation like the posting about my hat which I have stopped wearing for no known reason other then fact my relationship with the article has grown tenuous at best. Perhaps.... I don’t know. 

We both shall see where this further writing takes me. I am excited to see what shall poor out of me now especially since physically, financially and mentally, I am a mess. Stay tuned...motherfuckers. (My journey to Django Unchained still hasn’t warn off.)

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