Saturday, 18 August 2012

We Have Much To Do!

Ladies and Gentlemen we have much to do! 

Greetings viewers of this blog, be it friends, enemies, friends or eniends. Let me humbly introduce myself. I am Julian Munds, some call me Jules (much to my chagrin) but you are to refer to me as Julian.  

For the past many years I have been enjoying Facebook far too much and have begun to use my statuses as a mini virtual soapbox and I am sure this has begun to annoy my few friends upon that social beast. I am sure in acts of desperate revulsion they have blocked me so they do not have to read my many thoughts about the politically mundane or the artistically asinine. To them I say; a hearty sorry and this blog should hopefully dam the flow of inane blibberblabber that has spewed forth on their friendly walls. 

Well then, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, really shitty reason for my creation of this blog. On Wednesday of the coming week (Aug 22) I will suffer through the last examination of  my schooling at the University of Toronto. This blastedly boring but necessary event is the end of an era in my life. The end of my struggles in the education world and let me tell you they were often titanic, just short of the family of Job. It is time to put up or shut up. It is time to storm the barricade of life! Semper Fi and all that BS. 

The world I am about to launch into is the arts world of Toronto. A troubled place. A place of little funding. A place that has been poisoned by years of nepotism and languishing about in the minor achievements of the folks inside of it. A place of infighting and navel gazing.  In short, the world I am entering is in deep trouble. It does not look attractive to any young artist out there, especially this one,  who is inevitably thrusting into it. This coming Wednesday, I will be forced from the comforting womb of scholarly pursuits into the cold disease ridden anus of Toronto theatre.  

Perhaps, dear reader, (yes I just typed that) you are now wondering ‘if it’s so terrible, why is this arrogant student entering into it?’ Well, first off how dare you assume I am arrogant (though it is a correct assumption, but you know.... How dare you!) and secondly, because try as I might I feel compelled as a proton to meet up with my new electron Toronto theatre. I cannot further articulate it, but it will happen as it needs to happen on an instinctual level.  

How will it happen? Well, that is what this blog hopes to articulate. Follow my postings as I attempt to traverse the hills and valleys of what it means to be young, angry and passionate in a world that is not any of these. This is a chronicle. An account, not a mere musing (though there will be some of that time to time).

This is a chronicle of a young man who feels out of his time. For as long as I can remember, my compatriots were obsessed with things I could never grasp. While they all read Goosebumps novels and Babysitter Club novels, I read Moby Dick. When they watched the newest releases on film, I watched David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia or that glorious journey into the mind of the ultimate American; Patton, on loop. When they played football and chased after girls, I wrapped myself in a dream world where I pretended to be the 60s anti-hero (usually Peter O’Toole or Clint Eastwood) either leading revolutions against Anthony Quinn or shooting down Lee Van Cleef in a bloody battle. (I did chase after girls to some success but I’ll save that for another post). When they listened to hip hop or some other amolodic popular travesty, I enjoyed Holst and Mozart. I was a child of great loneliness, yet I didn’t care. I always knew at one point I would have something to give to the world for one is not made like myself without a purpose. Well, I hope one is not.

This blog is a chronicle of me trying to find that thing, whatever it may be. 

What can you expect from this blog? You can expect irreverence, ranting and bitching. If you know me, you are used to it. If you don’t know me, you will get used to it, and you may even learn to love it. We all have our likes and our dislikes. I certainly do as you will find out and may we always be allowed voice them. (Free Pussy Riot!) Please voice them in the comments. I welcome discussion and hope we can have one, two or a million!

Well, there is that. This blog now exists. I am ecstatic. I hope you are intrigued and now we can begin. I say to you, dear viewer, reader or whatever the great fuck you are; we have much to do! So let us do it! 

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